Off Grid Solar Design & Custom Wiring Diagrams

For DIYers & Professional Installers

$250 – $950+

Sliding scale based on complexity.

Custom Wiring Diagrams

Demystify your mobile electrical system with a customized RV solar wiring diagram. Our diagrams include every component, wire and fuse to clearly show how the pieces of the puzzle come together.

DIY electrical upgrades have never been easier with the help of our custom wiring diagrams. Take guesswork out of the equation and ensure your off grid electrical system is safe, efficient, and fully functional.

Seeking a professional installation? First, let’s determine the optimal size of your battery bank and solar array (based on your specific power needs). From there, we’ll create your custom wiring diagram and get you scheduled with an RV Solar installation partner near you

Note: Custom wiring diagrams are currently only available for systems we design from the ground up. 

Detailed, high-quality, PDF downloads

Zoom in on every detail with our high-quality, downloadable, PDF wiring diagrams. You’ll be able to see exactly how every piece of your custom RV solar set-up connects.

RV solar wiring diagrams approved by a certified professional

Every wiring diagram from RV Solar Connections is approved by a Victron Professional and ABYC-certified electrician. We adhere to the highest safety standards in solar power.

RV Solar Connections training at a Victron Energy event
Wiring diagrams come as a package with several documents, including:
  • Your custom diagram as a high-quality, detailed PDF
  • An original ebook called RV Solar Made Easy that covers best practices, tips, tool recommendations, and safety considerations for the planning and installation phases of your project
  • An official guide from Victron Energy on wiring, safety, and general best practices
  • A materials list with all components needed; any items not kept in our inventory will be linked so you can easily find and purchase those separately

The complete system design package includes a 30-minute phone call to answer any follow-up questions after delivery. After that, you’ll have unlimited tech support by way of email and our private DIY solar facebook group, at no extra cost.

If your system is equipped to connect to shore power, your custom wiring diagram and system design will include all necessary components and wiring for that shore power connection. 
Our designs incorporate the products we trust and recommend with the highest confidence. We prefer to work with our clients from the ground up, and the batteries we recommend are of the highest quality at the most competitive price. If you haven’t purchased batteries, please check with us first. If you have already purchased batteries, whether or not we can assist with a custom diagram will depend on the battery manufacturer.

Get a free quote for your custom wiring diagram.

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