RV Solar Connections FAQ

Your perfect solar-set up will depend on a few factors. Things like how much energy you use, how much sun you’ll get, your budget, and your vehicle or rig all matter.

To answer this, you’ll first need to calculate your overall estimated energy usage. Check out our RV Solar Energy Audit Calculator to do so, and contact us to talk about your results with an expert.

Everyone’s specific energy needs differ. The best way to figure this out is by assessing which appliances you want to use off-grid, their wattage, and how much you’ll use them. Check out our RV Solar Energy Audit Calculator for an easy way to pull this together.

Your solar set-up is based on your specific energy needs, but there are a few core components of every system. For example, everyone needs solar panels, batteries, an inverter or inverter/charger, a battery monitor and management system, cabling and wiring, fuses, etc.

For an all-in-one solar solution, check out our solar kits (coming soon)!

Solar power is a safe, sustainable off-grid solution. All of our wiring diagrams and products are developed or vetted by a professional ABYC-Certified electrician and Victron Energy ambassador and trainer.

As with anything electrical, consulting with a professional will help ensure your system is as safe as can be. Our team has years of experience in this field, and will always put safety first. Contact us for professional support with your project.

Whether it’s a defective part, a missing component, or a firmware update, solar systems may require targeted troubleshooting from time to time. Contact us for a direct consult. Our experts can walk through the issue with you in real-time to recommend the best solution.

Everything in our shop comes with our full recommendation, meaning it’s something we would (or do!) use ourselves. We’ve done the research and vetting to ensure you’re getting the best quality. 

Quality and value for our customers are the most important factors in stocking our shop. We also provide lifetime tech support for most products, meaning we need to know and trust them inside and out.

If there’s a brand or product you’d like to see, reach out and we may be able to add it to our stock.

We work with a nationwide network of qualified solar installers (including our own local team). Contact us to get connected with the best solar installation professional in your area.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, direct bank transfer, ACH, and payment in installations through our finance partners. We can also accept payment for products and services through apps like Venmo and Zelle.

We are always looking for qualified, experienced solar service professionals to add to our nationwide network of dealers and installers. Complete our professional dealer/installer application and we will follow up with next steps. 

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