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Why choose Lithionics?

  • Lithionics Battery Power Reserve: Never get stuck with a dead battery again
  • UL Safety Listed: Certified in mobile and stationary applications
  • Intelligent Cell Monitoring: Status reporting and cell balancing built-in
  • Plug & Play: Modular system designed for flexibility and simplicity

Run your RV’s air conditioner off the grid with a battery bank that weighs less and does more. Really.

Freedom on the road has never been more comfortable, thanks to the latest in Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery technology alongside the NeverDie® Battery Management System (BMS) 

The large format prismatic battery cells make for more reliable and efficient internal connections compared to batteries with cylindrical cells. And with Lithionics’ advanced built-in monitoring and automatic cell balancing, your battery cells with stay healthier for longer. 

Installation, design, and operation is simple with the modular Plug & Play system, and you can rest easy knowing you’re powered by UL safety listed batteries designed to handle any road you travel. 

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Plug & Play Battery System

Enjoy flexible system design, top-notch safety, and a longer battery lifespan.

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Our off-grid energy specialists are here to help you find the right components for your specific project and lifestyle. 

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Explore the latest battery systems with NeverDie®, miniBMS® & OptoLoop®.

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