Pylontech 12V RT12100G31 100Ah LiFePO4 battery


The Pylontech 12V RT12100G31 is a versatile, feature rich 100Ah (1280Wh) LiFePO4 battery. With its internal BMS, built in cold resistance heater, and IP67 rating, the RT12100 can go where other batteries can’t.

An ideal choice for conversion vans, RVs and marine applications, the 12V Pylontech RT12100 is easy to install, yet allows for advanced closed loop communications within Victron systems.

Pylontech 12V RT12100G31 features:

  • IP67 rated. Completely sealed construction, and waterproof up to 1 meter
  • Internal BMS with CAN communication
  • Direct compatibility with Victron Cerbo GX for the most accurate battery monitoring
  • 4 batteries can be put in series for 48V and up to 4 in parallel (16 batteries total)
  • 100A continuous discharge current
  • Built in heater to allow charging in low temperatures
  • High/Low temp protection
  • High/Low Voltage Disconnect
  • Integrated Bluetooth, iOS and Android compatible
  • 6000+ cycles and 10 year warranty
  • UL 1973


Pylontech has been a well established brand in the global market for many years, and has just recently become available in North America.

The Pylontech 12V RT12100G31 is one of the most durable and versatile 12V lithium batteries on the market. Its internal heating function makes it extremely useful in van conversions, RVs or anywhere climate control is not guaranteed.

The RT12100G31, being waterproof and self heating opens, up the ability to install batteries in locations that previously would have been unavailable due to low temperatures or exposure to moisture.

Connected to a Cerbo GX, Pylontech battery bank data will automatically populate in the device list, including state of charge, voltage, temperature, and energy throughput. Since this data is available directly from the battery, an external shunt or battery monitor is not required.

Collaboration between Pylontech and Victron R&D teams has confirmed that these systems will integrate seamlessly, and Victron lists Pylontech on their certified compatible battery list.

Weight 28.6 lbs
Dimensions Length: 12.7 in Width: 6.8 in Height: 9.3 in



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