Pylontech 48V US5000 4.8kWh LiFePO4 battery


The 48V 4.8kWh (100 Amp Hour) Pylontech US5000C LiFePO4 battery is a server rack-mounted, highly efficient energy storage solution for off grid tiny homes and cabins, as well as ESS and battery backup hybrid renewable energy systems.

The 48V US5000 Features

  • Internal BMS with following protections
    • Over and under voltage
    • High and low temperature
    • Over current and short circuit
    • Cell balancing and operation recording
    • Soft start for inverter pre-charge
  • Built in RS485 and CAN communication compatible with Victron monitoring and control systems
  • Compact size server rack style mounting, making them easy to utilize in large and small systems
  • UL1973/1642/9540A certified
  • Continuous discharge rate of 100A with a 15min peak of 120A and a 15s peak of 200A
  • Up to 16 batteries can be connected in a single string and up to 6 strings for a total of 96 batteries (437,760 kWh max capacity)
  • Easily combine batteries with included connection cables
  • Cycle life of 6000+
  • Rated capacity of 4,800Wh (100Ah)
  • 10 Year warranty
  • 95% depth of discharge


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The Pylontech 48V US5000 is an excellent option for off grid and ESS systems. With its built-in BMS, installation is very easy, while still allowing for advanced closed loop communications between the battery bank and Victron systems. 

This server rack style lithium battery is compact, energy dense, and easily scalable. Common applications include cabins, tiny homes, mobile businesses and hybrid generator systems.

Connected to a Cerbo GX, Pylontech battery bank data will automatically populate in the device list, including state of charge, voltage, temperature, and energy throughput. Since this data is available directly from the battery, an external shunt or battery monitor is not required.

Collaboration between Pylontech and Victron R&D teams has confirmed that these systems will integrate seamlessly, and Victron lists Pylontech on their certified compatible battery list.

Weight 87.5 lbs
Dimensions Length: 17.4 in Width: 16.5 in Height: 6.3 in



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