RV Solar Complete Kit – 400w Solar | 200ah LiFePO4 | 1200VA Victron Inverter | For Van Conversions / Truck Campers / Small RVs

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For those who need just enough power for the essentials, the RV Solar 400W/200AH Kit was designed to support the minimalist nomad or weekend warrior camper.

Our mission is to make DIY solar easy, so we’ve put together a kit with all of the key components for your van conversion or RV solar project.

Included in the RV Solar 400W/200AH Kit:

  • 200w Rich Solar Panel (x2) – 400w Total
  • 100ah 12.8v LiFePO4 battery (x2) – 200ah Total
  • Victron Phoenix 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1000W Continuous Output Rating
  • Victron Blue Smart IP22 Battery Charger 12v/30a (1) 120v NEMA 5-15
  • Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100v 30a 12v Solar Charge Controller
  • Victron SmartShunt 500a
  • Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12v 100a
  • Victron Lynx Distributor
  • Busbar 250A 4P +cover
  • Mega Fuses (x10) – various sizes + spares
  • Wiring Diagram – High Quality PDF download
  • Installation guide
  • Lifetime tech support


The RV Solar 400 Watt Victron Kit was designed to support the minimalist nomad. For those who need just enough power for the essentials.

This kit will support up to 2000 watt hours of energy use per day (find out if this kit is right for you with our free RV Solar energy audit calculator).

Common vehicle types and applications:
– Truck Camper
– Van Conversion
– Class B RV

This kit can support the following (or similar) daily energy usage:

(1) Vent Fan for (8) hours
(1) 12v cooler style refrigerator for (24) hours
(1) Laptop charger for (4) hours
(2) Phone chargers for (4) hours
(8) LEDs for (4) hours
(1) Water pump for (15) minutes
(1) Electric Kettle for (10) minutes


Included Materials:

Additional Materials Needed:

In addition to the items included with the RV Solar Tier 1 Kit, source the following items to complete your full materials list.
While these items are not currently part of our inventory, we do regularly recommend them for renewable energy systems. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting RV Solar Connections!





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MRBF Fuse 125A

Main fuse between battery bank and Lynx Distributor




MRBF Terminal Mount Fuse Block

Terminal block for main fuse between battery bank and Lynx Distributor




DC Fuse Block

Blue Sea fuse block for DC distribution




AC Power Strip

Plug into Inverter and run multiple AC appliances




15a Shore Power Inlet

Shore power inlet to charge batteries from a 15 amp service




Cable Entry Housing - 2 Port

Water tight passthrough for solar panel wires




Solar Disconnect 32a Dual Pole Breaker

A disconnect to isolate solar panels from the rest of the electrical system




Solar Disconnect Box

Housing for Solar Disconnect Breaker



Want help with your solar energy system?

BMS and Communications

Lynx Smart BMS with Ultimate Monitoring and Control, Internal BMS with Standard Monitoring and Control

Alternator Charging

30a Orion DC-DC Charger 12, 12, 30, Isolated


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